A study conducted in 2011 shows the comparison between the effects of a simulation public speaking test of healthy patients and treatment of native patients having social anxiety disorder. CBD is given to the 24 untreated persons suffering from social anxiety before the test. Researchers discover that CBD significantly reduces anxiety, cognitive destruction in speech performance and the noticeable decrease in anticipation to speech which make them anxious.

It is noticed that CBD does not directly act on receptors i.e. CB1 & CB2 but it affect the connection between them indirectly. This factor shows that CBD is not a psychoactive. Although it is found in cannabis it does not act like THC. CBD also regenerates the natural production of endocannabinoids; by inhibiting the functioning of enzyme which is responsible for breakdown the endocannabinoids.

In the ending, the findings of the scientific research regarding CBD available today all show the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced endocannabinoid system, in order to achieve spiritual and hence a healthy response towards stress. The latest clinical trials of human beings support the use of CBD and its extract like oils etc to achieve balance in endocannabinoids.

Difference between CBD and THC

The question is that why one buy cbd for anxiety instead of THC

Both are the two basic compounds in the marijuana plant. They are the only two cannabinoids from 113, which have been used due to their characteristics. Many damages of marijuana are known for having plentiful levels of THC and high-CBD damages are not so common; because due to the medical community paying a lot of attention to the therapeutic effects of CBD, that is beginning to change.

Both have important health effects. THC owned antispasmodic,

  • analgesic,
  • anti-tremor
  • , anti-inflammatory,
  • appetite stimulating
  • And anti-emetic characteristics.

Whereas CBD has

  • anti-inflammatory,
  • anticonvulsant,
  • antipsychotic,
  • antioxidant,
  • neuroprotective and
  • immunomodulatory effects.

A major difference between them is that marijuana with high levels of THC is commonly used due to its sleep-inducing effects, while CBD appears to promote wakefulness instead.

CBD not only used to cure anxiety but also cure

  • Back pain
  • Migraine pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Arthritis
  • psychosis