What Are Orthodontic Headgear Braces and Why How Are They Useful

Orthodontic braces are more advanced and complex-looking versions of the traditional braces. Characterized by thick wires extending out of the mouth and straps penetrating behind the chin or neck, these devices are smart and powerful enough to remedy multiple orthodontic conditions.  They do exert pressure and provide extra anchorage for easy movement of the teeth. Researched and confirmed to be real, headgear braces are ideal for straightening, aligning, and restoring the natural positions of misplaced and unaligned teeth. Although not as popular as traditional braces, they have multiple benefits and uses.

They Reduce The Orthodontic Treatment Time

Available in multiple choices, orthodontic headgear tricks the affected dental area into healing faster. For instance, the reverse pull headgear primarily designed to help in moving the upper jaw and teeth forward aids to correct upper jaw underdevelopment and underbite problems. By doing so, it improves and fastens the healing process hence preventing chances of the patient having to undergo orthognathic surgery for reduction of the maxillary or improvement of the mandibular.

headgear braces

Not Worn Around The Clock

Orthodontic headgears are smart braces that don’t require to be worn all day and night. Unlike traditional braces which must be worn all day and time for the predicted period, headgear braces should be worn for around 10 to 14 hours a day. The wearing schedule can be customized to the preferences of every patient regardless of their special orthodontic needs. No matter how flexible the orthodontist makes the schedule, you must precisely follow it for optimum healing effect though.

Highly Effective

Ideal for correcting misaligned jaw and teeth, orthodontic headgears are super effective. Orthodontic headgears work by exerting enough pressure and support to allow the erroneous teeth and jaw to be corrected.  If you happen to be experiencing serious jaw or teeth misalignment together with overbite issues, wearing orthodontic headgear can help save the situation.  It is good to realize that headgear works best on young people whose jaws are still growing. Based on orthodontic experts, alignment problems are easier to correct during the pre-puberty age. Though it may still work for adults, the chances of success are very minimal.

Orthodontic headgears are custom treatment solutions that are user-specific. They are not ready-made devices which you can easily order from any online store. They are made on order since for them to function properly they must fit on the user well.  If you are in New York and would want to get quality orthodontic headgears, you should not hesitate talking with Jenifer, the talented and professional New York Orthodontist and operator of Invisalign Express. Jenifer is fully dedicated to wellness and health of her patients. She has always invested in providing customized customer care and treatment depending on the specific needs of each of her patients. Her treatment options include but not limited to nigh guards, ceramic braces, traditional braces, headgear, clear braces, and surgery. She serves patients of all ages and with all sorts of orthodontic problems. Call her today to learn more about what she does and get your misaligned jaw and teeth corrected in no time.