Uses of Raised Toilet seats

Raised toilet seats are seats that can be attached to toilet seats in order to raise their height. These seats are used for patients so that they do not have to bend a lot while sitting. It provides ample support in order to reduce the risk of falls and injuries in toilets
A toilet riser may come with or without arm supports. There are various other features available in raised toilet seats and one has to purchase them according to his/ her needs.

Benefits of using Toilet seats

1- Less bending

Since toilet riser adds height to the toilet seat, the patients need to bend less. It reduces their discomfort from having to sit low and rise high again. This is particularly helpful for patients who are recovering from back, knee or hip surgeries.

toilet riser

2- Less joint stress

As there is less bending, raised toilet seats put less pressure on the knees and joints of the patients. Raised toilet seats can add 3 to 6 inches of height to the toilet seat and this can reduce the resultant stress on the joints as patients will require bending less.

3- Built-in arm support

many raised toilet seats have built-in arm supports to provide stability to the user. Foam covering allows for anti-slip function and helps patients maintain sufficient balance while sitting in or standing back from the toilet seat.

4- Elderly support

Other than patients, raised toilet seats are also helpful for the elderly. These seats provide them relevant support for using toilets as well as will avoid any possible injury from slips or falls.

5- Attachments

Since raised toiled seats come in the form of attachments, they can be put on and off. This makes them very useful since they can be used for patients and removed when the patient is not using the toilet and leaves the toilet accessible to all.

6- Cost effective

Raised toilet seats are cost effective. They may cost you an additional fee, however since they can guarantee the safety of your loved one, they are worth investing in. Ones you invest in a raised toilet seat, they are durable and will work for a long time.

7- Independence

These seats provide some level of independence to users which may be vital in the recovery of some people. Not everyone likes to be supported especially when using the toilets. So raised toilet seats can provide them with safety and independence when using the toilet.

Raised toilet seats are ideal for patients who have undergone surgeries or met with accidents that have harmed their lower bodies. In addition, patients with arthritis and the elderly will also find raised toilet seats very useful