When the talk is about some serious body lifting or powerlifting there are numerous factors that come into play. The powerlifters have made it a profession to compete in various events and bodybuilding competition. In order to compete in these competitions, the lifters have to exercise daily for hours and go through rigorous training exercises. While working out with heavy dumbbells the powerlifters are always at the risk of getting hurt if any of the dumbbells drops or there is an accident.

To protect them from such incidents the power cages or power racks were invented in the 1960’s. But they have become prominent over the last few years and after that, there has been no downfall in the usage of these power racks. In the gym and work out industry these power racks have become one of the most used and most important equipment today.

There are numerous features of squat power rack and some of them will be discussed below:

  1. Firstly, these power cages act like an exclusive center of lifting for the powerlifters. They can do heavy lifting and squats without going out of the cage.
  2. Another important feature is that if by mistake while lifting the dumbbells drop, it won’t hurt the lifter. This is because the cages are equipped with safety pins or bar catches present on the side of the cage which does not allow the weights to hit the floor. The key is placing the safety pins at a sufficient height in the cage so that when the rod may fall by mistake it will fall on these pins.
  3. The squat power rack can be used for various purposes and for executing a number of squat exercises. These exercises range from bench press, incline press, decline press, upright row, deltoid raise, shoulder press, standing military press, wide grip front lat pullup, bent over row, seated row, and shoulder shrug etc.
  4. With the help of these power racks, you can perform a number of compound exercises. These exercises combine a number of muscles and body parts, some of them are bench press, squats and chin ups etc.

In the category of squat power racks, there are different types and each of them has different functions. These are the squat power, power cage, or squat cage. In the squat cages we have the squat cage with pull up bar, and in squat racks too we have two versions one is with pull up bar and the other dips bar. The last is the squat stand.

The importance of these power cages is realized when we come to know that some people working without the racks and the safety features provided by it have even lost their lives in the process. Therefore, it becomes all the more important for them to use these cages so as to protect themselves and their fellow lifters.