Telltale Signs That Your Crossfit Is Not Serious With Its Business

It’s 2019 and probably a lot of people are having a New Year’s resolution to get fit and healthy, well, this cliché has been there since before and most gyms are packed with people who are having a crash course into getting fit, and you might also think about going to the gym.

One of the most popular ways to get fit is doing CrossFit, of course when you start searching in Google about CrossFit gyms in your area, for sure there will be dozens of results, but are you completely certain that these gyms can provide you a good-quality training in order for you to achieve your fitness goals?

In this article, let us talk about the telltale signs that a CrossFit gym is a complete mess. If you want to learn more about CrossFit click on this link

Back to the topic, listed down below are the things that tell you to find a new CrossFit gym.

UNHYGIENIC- Plain and simple, the gym looks dirty, you found hair strands, dirt on the mats, sweat stains, and the stench of sweat all over the place. Well, good-quality gyms regardless of its nature should always prioritize cleanliness because our health would be at risk if we regularly exercise in a dirty gym. We could get several transmittable diseases and infections, and the most common infection that we could get from a dirty gym is a staph infection and boils which is completely discomforting. You should consider this at the top spot in your list.

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COACHES ARE ALWAYS LATE- When we talk about professionalism, one of the most important aspects of it is being punctual. Coaches should be a good example to their students, especially that they want to promote something in fitness such as discipline when they cannot even start the session on time. They should be there first before their student arrives considering that CrossFit sessions take one to two hours long.

WANNABE COACHES- It would be frustrating if someone who acts like a coach but is not because this ruins your training program. What if they give you a wrong training program? This could derail your fitness goals and could even result in unwanted injuries. There are facilitators and gym coaches and they have a completely different and separate role. Facilitators are the ones who assist and monitor’s a student’s circuit training or count the reps made while the coach is the one who gives the training, check the proper form, and sets the program for each student which has a different, and specific training program.

LACK OF EQUIPMENT- A couple of barbells and dumbbells cannot fully tell that it is a gym, but rather just a place to exercise. Crossfit gyms have different equipment specifically designated to work out different muscle groups, and for cardio purposes, if one of these two is missing in your currently enrolled gym, look for another one because you are just wasting your money.

IGNORING THE IMPORTANCE OF NUTRITION- A healthy nutritional diet and proper exercise always come together to get that effective results, and if your gym is not really serious about your nutrition, might as well look for another gym that gives you a weekly meal plan and what are the food you should eat in order for you to be energized and strong because CrossFit is a very demanding type of exercise in terms of energy and endurance.