Thereis a wide range of teas available in the market. One has an additional advantage over the other. It would always be wrong to tell that this drink is better than that because all the drinks have its own advantages and fewer disadvantages. All tea except for someis made from tree leaves. The thing that categories them into the typesis the duration of the oxidation that the leaves are given. There is another type of tea called oolong tea that is least popular but has several benefits.

 Oolong tea

This is a famous china tea and a traditional one. This tea is made from the tree with scientific name Camelliasinensis. All tea trees are oxidized to make the tee. The difference is some tea like dark tea are oxidized more while some such as a green tree is oxidized very less. In the case of oolong tea, the leaves are oxidized partially to give that kind of taste and color that makes it so interesting to look at. Color is the thing that someone looks at before going for it.

Oolong too contains caffeine along with fluoride and magnesium, which makes a large portion of the tea after caffeine. These things together build for the entire health benefits.

Important benefits

Among the many the two benefits are:

  1. Prevents Diabetes

Oolong tea contains polyphenol antioxidants which help in reducing the blood sugar level and also the insulin levels. They also increase the sensitivity of insulin. Regular consumption of Oolong tea results in improved blood flow and reduces the chances of diabetes mellitus. The people who have been drinking a certain amount of oolong tea for a long time have decreased the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Oolong tea keeps a check on the blood sugar level and also reduces the blood sugar level after consumption for a few days. 

healthy green tea cup with tea leaves
  1. Bone Strength

Drinking Oolong tea increases the density of the bones and thus increasing the overall bone mineral density. The people who drank Oolong tea regularly have resulted in better bone density as compared to those who don’t drink tea.

Moreover, a higher bone density significantly reduces the chances of bone fracture. Although a direct link between oolong tea and bone fractures have not been found yet it is not bad to believe that oolong tea increasing the mineral density of the bone. More density of the bones means that the bone is having higher strength.


Oolong tea isn’t that much in the scene among tea lovers but the potential it has is remarkable. Well, oolong tea has the benefits of amla tea as well. Amla is really good for the health and should be taken daily in the form of tea.