Innovating Dental Care With Invisalign

Invisalign has been associated with innovation. Right as you read this article, you are going to know more about this technology and how several people have showed the brightest smile with this method. The dental industry has been a product of so much developments in the many years of its existence. From veneers to brackets, many patients now have more possibilities to have a perfect set of teeth.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign comes from the idea of invisible braces and is characterized by clear and transparent plastic that will do the same work as the usual braces that you have. The feeling of soreness and judgement with how the usual braces appear within the month is now gone with this technology. If you are uncomfortable that your professional career will be affected when you start to have dental braces, but at the same time, you wish for a set of perfect teeth, then the answer is right here with this craft.

Philadelphia Invisalign

How It Works

Since Invisalign technology is made with clear plastic, there are no presence of metals, brackets, wires or anything that the usual braces will have. It is also removal like dentures so when you feel the need to chew on meat and drink smoothies, it will be easier to clean the inside of your mouth. Another disadvantage of having braces is being unable to seep through and brush the areas in between, leaving unwanted dirt behind.

The Treatment Process

Since they are removable, does it lengthen the treatment time? This is one of the most frequently asked questions among the patient community. In the treatment process, these aligners will be made according to the shape and the angles of your teeth and they will be adjusted according to the developments that are seen. This means that as the time comes that your teeth is aligned, your Invisalign will change its course and will have to be reshaped to continue on with the treatment.

On the duration, fortunately, it is even better! Braces can usually take several years before the dentist calls for them to be removed. But with Invisalign, they can be used for just around six months to one and a half year, and your case with your teeth is completely addressed by then.

The Best Ones

Talk to your dental care professional on the right Philadelphia Invisalign that is right for you. You will be surprised of these results.