Blood continuously flows through the four chambers of the heart. The valves are responsible for the control of circulation properly all around the heart and body. The function of the heart valves is to maintain a unidirectional flow of blood and repeated opening and closure to prevent backflow. Abnormal functioning of valves may result in cardiac problems which prove to be fatal at a later stage.

Causes of having heart valve disease

Sometimes a surgery is the only way of curing a patient suffering from heart disease. Some of the common causes that lead to surgery include:

  1. Heart and major arteries are enlarged because of high blood pressure and heart failure occurs. High pressure on the arterial walls, in turn, creates pressure on valves, causing the problems.
  2. Cardiomyopathy, which is a disease of the cardiac muscle, is considered to be a potent reason for functional defect of valve.
  3. Some babies are born with defective valves, which is a congenital heart disease and requires surgery and medication.
  4. Damage or the scaring of tissues that are present as an effect of a heart attack or injury to the heart.
  5. Rheumatic fever caused by bacterial infection affects the heart valves.

Many valves are present in the heart like aortic valve, mitral valves, tricuspid valve. Process of surgery continues with a different method. The heart valve replacement surgery cost is favorable and is worth it to get a perfect cure.

Aortic valve replacement

Aortic valve replacement is one of the chief surgical procedures to remove the chances of cardiac problems and maintain normal functioning of heart. There are several procedures to simply replace the defected valve with an artificial heart valve. Minimally invasive cardiac surgery, transcatheter aortic valve replacement, sternotomy are certain procedures to carry out the replacement surgery.

Skilled cardiac surgeons carry out replacement of the valve tissue so that patients can have a full recovery from cardiac problems soon. The artificially placed heart valve works properly after successful replacement.

Surgery cost and ways of recovery

After completion of surgery, there are certain things that need to be kept in mind to keep the patients safe and recover perfectly. Heart valve replacement surgery cost in India is favorable for common people to get the cardiac problems cured. The thinks to keep in mind for the patients to recover include:

  1. Physical work is good for recovery but it needs to be made sure that the patient is safe while doing the work, as injury can worsen the situation.
  2. Enough rest is very important because during resting condition, the heart rate remains normal and that enhances the activity of newly placed valve.
  3. Taking care of incision must be done properly so that the chances of infection is decreased.


Patients who undergo the valve replacement surgery are expected to recover soon if proper measures are taken by the people helping them. Enough sleep and medication leads the patient to a normal life.