If you’re a sports enthusiast, you may have suffered many injuries on the field. Sports can be rough and since it’s competitive, it can get out of control at times. Most ACL injuries happen during fitness and sporting activities that put quite an amount of pressure on the knee. A sudden slowing down then changing your direction with your foot planted firmly on the ground can cause an injury to your foot. This is one of the ways in which an ACL injury occurs. Another way is when you receive a serious blow to the knee or if you collide with another player during a football match.

Understanding the concept.

The thing about ACL injury is that it has a tear that will just not heal on its own and in most of the cases, the tear cannot be stitched back together. This is one of the most common sports injury and it requires a proper reconstruction surgery with grafting of soft tissues.

To understand this concept better, you need to first get a hang of how the surgery is performed. The ligament is build again using the tissue grafts from the tendons of the leg. It is very important to understand how it will take place because you need to know what you might be facing if you have to go through this procedure to repair a problematic ACL.

Not just that, understanding the risks associated  with the procedure and the procedure itself can help you to work side by side with your doctor to map out a recovery plan best suited for you. This will only happen when you once know what is best for your health. Once you get the background on that and the acl cost in india, you are good to go.

The procedure:

The ACL reconstruction surgery is done with the help of knee arthroscopy. During this procedure, the patient is put under general anaesthesia. When this happens, it means that the patient will be asleep during the entire procedure. This procedure doesn’t go all out, but is a minimally invasive technique that uses a small camera and other surgical instruments which are then inserted through small cuts in the knee.

The next thing that happens is the orthopaedic surgeon removes the problematic/damaged ligament. He will then look for any other damage and repair it. After that, tunnel like holes are made in the bone and he then inserts new tissues through those tunnels, putting it into the same section as the ACL. After that the new ligament is put together with the help of buttons and screws. The bone will keep the new ligament together as and when it heals.

How does a graft help with the reparation procedure?

Most of the time, the tissue grafts required for the surgery come from one’s own body, known as an autograft. When it’s taken from a donor, it is known as an allograft. These grafts are used to form a new ligament. Once the procedure is complete, the recovery period starts.