The instinct of someone having to lose weight is to take the high road of dieting. This is going to extreme means of losing weight within a limited time period, which as we all know is impossible. There are several fat loss methods that catch our eye and some are not as effective and even health hazardous than most.

Non-Recommended Weight Loss Methods

While a short weight loss interval is admirable, the danger of losing weight in that period can take a dangerous toll on your body especially if there are no scientific research to back it up. Fat loss methods vary in novelty and effectivity. There are edgier ways of trying to cope with a thinner frame and these are through:

The Grapefruit Diet – comprising of eating grapefruit with every meal, it has been said that it stops the person from feeling hungry due to the slight bitterness of the fruit. It reduces your calorie intake to 1,000 calories a day. The juice is fiber-enriched with Vitamin C and meals can be inclusive of protein and fat. No strict evidence has seen grapefruit having the ability to burn fat however, like all citrus fruits, it can add a boost of flavor to the meal.

The Blood Type Diet – said to have had a reputation in the 1990s and 2000s, is one where the person eats foods that is the healthiest to his or her blood type. A routine blood exam can reveal the necessary nutritional needs your body needs. Testimonials show the effectivity of the diet plan with an increase in energy and improvement of digestive track and immune system. Proteins in Types A, B, AB and O show them in specific food groups to ingest and what exercises to take.

The Baby Food Diet – it is criticized for its lack of fiber and because the ingredients of these foods have been grind to a pulp, it is more like eating pulp than actual food. It is said that celebrities have a fondness for this diet. Perhaps this meant grinding up your vegetables and fruits so that it can be easily eaten? Nevertheless, the better alternative is to eat the actual food, where the vitamins actually are.

The Cabbage Soup – another attempt to show that liquefying your diet can make you lose weight, it is more recommended to reduce food or portion your meals. Cabbage soup alone cannot make you lose weight and rather than taking it on sparing but frequent amounts, it is better to serve it before the main course. Cabbage may have an ingredient that can help with the fat loss. It is definitely more agreeable to incorporate it in well-balanced dishes like salads or with a side of protein.

The conclusion to every diet is its moderation. Being aware of your genetic makeup is one thing to know your body’s limitations. The definition of a balanced diet is precisely that: balance. A little bit of everything can make you maintain your figure or lose calories but still let you manage to enjoy eating altogether.