Many of the programs purportedly designed for weight loss and muscle building are far from being reliable. Things even get worse when you have to pay for some of these unreliable workout programs. The case is completely different in the case of the body beast workout program. It is a unique workout program designed for those who want to lose weight and also build their muscles.  The body beast workout schedule is designed for individuals that want to try this system out or need a complete replacement of their previous workout program.


The workout was designed by Beach Body. It is a challenging but highly effective workout plan and it comes with different options that can deliver great results. The body beast workout schedule can deliver the desired result within 90 days, provided you are consistent and also follow the stated instructions to the letter.

The workout consists of three components and it is just the perfect program for anyone involved in weightlifting or desires to build muscles.

Its features

Some of the features of the workout program will be highlighted below:

  • It involves a progressive and dynamic set of training, which are balanced to ensure that the individual has a maximum gain in muscles and general fitness
  • You can set and achieve two different goals with this workout program, which are to shred and build. You can also choose to focus on any of the goals using the guides and instructions provided.
  • You can use the comprehensive diet sheet included in the kit to balance the training components. It will guide you on the right diet to take for a faster result.

Available options

The body beast workout schedule gives you access to two options, which are:

  • Lean Beast
  • Huge Beast

In the Huge Beast option, the end goal is to build the maximum muscle, while the end goal in the other option is to build lean muscle; this second option has given credence to the effectiveness of the workout program over the years.  The Lean Beast Body beast Workout Program will reduce the fat on you to the required minimum to give your muscles a tightly honed appearance.  You will have access to a series of cardio exercises in this program.

Activities for both genders

Both the male and female genders can benefit from the body beast workout schedule. Consequently, a woman can incorporate strength training into her workout schedules without ending up looking like a hulk. The results have always been impressive in both genders. The program can help a woman to build lean muscle mass and also increase her strength without losing her feminine figure. You will be taken through the three phases of this workout to achieve your desired end goal; the three phases are:

  • Build phase
  • Bulk phase
  • Beast phase