Many skin diseases are of such nature that cannot be easily cured and they create a huge trouble for the one who suffers from them. One of such skin diseases is Ringworm. It is a popular term for dermatophytosis, and this is a skin infection, or more specifically a fungal infection which affects people of all ages. The name ringworm is a misnomer since it is not actually a worm or a parasitic bacteria but rather an infection. The infection looks like a rounded blister having a red border, and it thrives in warmth and sweat. Generally caused due to lack of oxygen and air, this infection is also contagious and spreads in case you use an infected towel or clothe of the affected person. You must consult a doctor if the worm spreads over a long portion of your body, but before that, you can always try some home remedies and take care of the infection naturally. One must remember that these remedies offer results after consistent use only.

treat ringworms

Leaf of Olive:Every part of the olive plant has some or the other benefit, but the leaf possesses the anti-fungal quality. The leaf of the olive plant has aquality that can kill the fungus causing the ringworm and also boosts the immune system of the body which helps for speedy recovery. To resolve the ringworm issue, you must consume 250 grams of olive leaf infusion at least three times a day and also continue having it for a week so that the ringworm infection does not recur.

Myrrh: This is an age-old herb used since ancient times to cure skin related disorders especially due to its nonpareil medicinal qualities. The myrrh oil acts as a fungicide and can be used externally to treat skin infection. You have to mix myrrh with goldenseal in equal proportion and then add a few drops of oil. Mix it well and apply this mixture on the infected areas at least three times a day to reduce the infections.

Extracts of Garlic: Garlic has a number of medical qualities which can treat one both internally and externally. In case of ringworm infections, garlic can effectively kill the fungus when it is applied directly to the infected skin. Crush some cloves of garlic and make a paste by using olive oil and honey. Apply this paste on the affected areas and wash it off with warm water once it has dried up. This has to be done twice or thrice a day for a month for best results.

Colloidal Silver: Colloidal silver is available in herb stores in the form of gel or liquid, and it possesses innumerous anti-biotic qualities which can treat a fungal infection. This can take time at least a month so keep applying the lotion till the infections entirely vanish.

Jojoba and Lavender Oil: In case your child or baby is affected by ringworms then lavender and jojoba oil is the best way to treat it naturally. Mix the oil and apply it thrice daily for a month for guaranteed results.