Beginner to the World of Body Building? Follow This Cycle and Get the Desired Results

Dianabol is not a new name for all those people who are into body building. It is most popular steroid used by many to get muscle mass in short period of time. The speed itself is the reason why it is mostly loved and used by bodybuilders all over the world. By using it, the muscles get more nitrogen which increases the red blood cells and the proteins.

Even if it widely used, not everyone use it properly which hinders the desired result. A common cycle is usually around three to six weeks and dosage is made according to a particular individual’s weight, gender and body tolerance to the drug. As said earlier, proper cycle has to follow for maximum result. So let see a mostly suggested beginner cycle chart of dianabol.

Dianabol only cycle: the dianabol only cycle usually lasts somewhere between four to six weeks when taken 40mg per day.

  • In the first week take 10mg
  • second week increase it to 20mg
  • third week 30mg
  • forth week continue 40mg
  • fifth week decrease the dose to 20mg
  • In the last sixth week take 10mg.

Beginner to the World of Body Building?  Follow This Cycle and Get the Desired Results

This should be followed when using dianabol alone. This reduces the cause of side effects. Offseason are good to make your body strong and big. They call kick starting and plateau busting. Kick starting is for those who need very quick results. As dianabol is a fast result giving steroid, users usually will get results within just few weeks. Beginners should very careful to take exact doses and never take high doses. Stacking is better than taking dianbol alone to not harm your body with unnecessary medication. Between cycles, there should be three to four weeks gap as well.

Talking about stacking, testosterone is mainly stacked with danabol. Thus the suppression of testosterone by dianabol can be balanced by taking extra testosterone in the body.

  • Dianabol – 20 to 25mg daily dose
  • Testosterone – 500mg weekly dose

Another option is to stack deca which is methandrostenolone.

  • 50mg of dianabol is to be taken daily
  • 200 mg deca weekly.

One more thing that is to be added is that, in any case for sure, the length of every cycle is totally depended on how your bodies tolerate the hormone. Whenever you see it your body is intolerant or starts showing negative effects stop the cycle immediately. Not everybody’s body is same, so never think like if someone you know have used and got positive result without any trouble, the same will be in your case too. Different individuals’ bodies react differently; hence have a close watch on your health. Side effects showing up are actually your body’s way of telling you to be cautious and you are overdoing something. So if this particular steroid is not working, stop using it and try others as it is not just the only option available. Never ignore side effects as there have been serious side effects reported that is dangerous. But anyways following a correct cycle can help to reduce such risks.