Getting to be a bodybuilder is not an easy task. It requires countless hours of workouts in a gym, having a proper diet and adhering to schedules. Moreover, a commitment is required to allocate the time and effort to achieve the goals. The most important thing is growing the requisite amount of muscle without which one can’t become a bodybuilder. For some, nature has provided all the ingredients but for a few, growing muscle is next to impossible. Steroids are there to help these people. Those who are beginning steroids should be aware of the good and bad effects of them so that they can properly act on it.

General Information

Getting to know about one’s enemy is half winning the battle. So it is with steroids too. In the case of Anavar, this is supposedly a mild steroid liked both men and women. Learn more about Anavar or Oxandrolone in the internet and other user and steroid forums but discussing with other users is important as they might offer helpful insights on using the drug. Basically, this is an Anabolic Androgenic Steroid of the type 17-alpha methylated derivative of Dihydrotestosterone. It was introduced in the year 1964 for treatment of people who were having short stature, Turner Syndrome, patients who are recovering from surgery, general trauma, muscle wasting diseases like HIV/AIDS and cancer and catabolic illness common in alcoholic hepatitis. Growth, especially muscle growth is a factor that is the outcome of the drug with these patients. It’s the muscle growth part that interests the bodybuilders.

Pharmacological Information

Understanding about the drug is important and so is the case how the drug interacts with the body. The 17-alpha state makes the drug to be effective via the oral route and is available in tablet form. There are injections too available but that would be for the more advanced users. On consumption, the drug passes through the liver without much of damage unlike other AAS. After this, the drug is able to deliver most of the steroid content into the blood. It is also an agonist of Androgen Receptors and doesn’t interact with these cells and hence themajority of the drug is used for anabolic activities. This results in an increased protein synthesis, a lot of muscle growth and lean body mass and increase the bone density. All of these qualities are desired by the bodybuilders.

Safety Information

Even a mild steroid like Anavar can give side effects if not used responsibly. Some of them are severe and others mild. Aggression, nausea and vomiting, skin color change, headaches and changes in libido are some of the common side effects. Serious effects for men may include priapism and testicular atrophy. Women run the risk of virilization, acne, male pattern baldness, facial hair growth, irregular menstrual cycles, enlarged clitoris and hoarse voice. Serious effect for both men and women could be an increase in bad cholesterol, liver enzymes and heart conditions. Gynecomastia may occur in men when the dosage is sufficiently large. Learn more about Anavar from sites that specializing in steroids and forums to understand them and use it responsibly.