Nearly a quarter of women tend to have a C section delivery. It is not because pushing becomes a problem but in certain situations it is considered to be the safest option. It works out to be a necessary option for a woman who is in the stage of labor. If you have luck on your side, then vaginal birth is common. But with a high ratio of babies being delivered by C section you would need to understand on why it is called a caesarean. There are lot of theories floating around that the great Julius Caesar was born by this method. The mother really needs to be prepared for the process.

Medical point of view

Ideally a woman would want a vaginal birth for the baby to make an entry into this world. But seldom is this not the case as medical options may warrant for a C section delivery. The route of the baby for entry is blocked with the bottom first or feet lying forward. In this form of condition you may need to opt for elective caesarean, but it is suggested that you discuss the case with your consultant on an immediate basis.

The choice on you as the baby is yours

As per the new guidelines in place, any woman can request for a C section delivery that is not medical. This could be due to fear of birth as well. They are required to be part of counselling sessions where the positives along with negatives of vaginal birth in comparison with caesarean delivery is specified. But if you still feel that C section is the best option then the choice is entirely yours. In case if your hospital is not been able to provide you with the services you may be referred to an alternative health care provider.

Urgent form of attention

When it is the question of the birth of a baby things are not likely to go as per plans. In some cases emergency caesarean section may work out to be the only option. If you are aware of what to expect, then you will be prepared in working towards it.

It is not that stressful as it may sound it to be. The only thing that you would need to be aware is that if it tends to be unplanned. The scenario is that things are not progressing as per the needs and this form of birth is the only viable solution.

How it is undertaken

Normally the mother is being provided with a spinal block that makes them awake during the course of the procedure. On your abdomen a fabric screen is being placed and an incision isbeing placed over the pubic hair.

Just you feel that if there is a tugging when the baby is being pulled. It is just going to take 10 minutes. The scars are going to be 4 to 6 inches deep that is going to take some amount of time to heal.