A woman throughout her life faces some real big challenges. In such situation, it is quite obvious that they are more likely to get addicted to drugs. During this extremely sensitive stage, they need to be supported well. There are lots of Detox center who have expert and experienced personals to provide detrox for women services. There are a number of major health issues that arise due to dependency over drug and alcohol.

Women and Addiction

It was used to believe that men are more probable target of drug addiction and it was quite true, until recent years back. Government reports state that total number of alcohol addict women has increased very rapidly in last few years. This number has crossed the usual limit today. From last several years addiction intervention has been offering treatment to thousands of women.

Most of the detox center hires male staff that leads to inconvenience on several occasions. They do not feel 100% comforts in the presence of male personals. To solve this issue, centers have hired all female staff. Years of experience allows us to find and correct such small errors to improve our services. This step to avail services of all female staff is innovative and has successfully considered extremely useful. Our detox for women centre provides world class women drug rehab facilities. Here are the prime features of our services:

  • We wish to provide total relief from addiction to men and women and can help them in rediscovering themselves. We have required resources and expert staff to provide you everything that is required to help out.
  • LDR holistic approach centre is based on 12 step approach. In last few years our addiction treatment for women team has successfully cured hundreds of drug addicts. You can see the long list of our satisfied clients that alone suggest the standards of our services. In fact our excellent services have started attracting foreign clients.
  • We give serious concern to health of all patients in addiction intervention for women centre. Exercise and vitamin supplement is a requirement that needs to be provided and we do exactly the same. Physical and mental health is hampered badly when you depend on drugs and alcohol. It is a big challenge to maintain healthy life style.
  • Most of the patients do not consider mental health as a serious issue. Women drug relief facilities that we provide include group therapies especially to maintain mental balance.

Addiction Intervention Programs

Addiction intervention for women programs are our special courses where info regarding drug addiction is provided to family members of our patients. We are looking to help as many drug addicts as possible. Today most of the drug addicts at early stage are either unaware of the problem or are hesitate to come to us. Educating family members does help a lot. For more information you can visit our official website or can call to helpline number for assistance regarding our services.