Testosterone enanthate is the longest long lasting pill single ester that is of 7 carbons in length. This simply means that the more weight of pills is actually testosterone and not the weight of the body. Then, by taking an amount of esterified medicine, the total weight is the combination of the weight of esters and pills. That said, long-term foreigners like cypionate have more outer weight and less weight. And for this reason, stacking with testosterone enanthate is preferable to cypionate.

What is good about testosterone enanthate?

The main advantage of enanthate is that the substance has a strong and powerful androgen effect and is therefore combined with an anabolic component to deliver excellent results. This also allows everyone to accumulate mass and strength loads and even in a short amount of time. A strong and rapid increase in weight is combined with water retention, as there is retention of water and electrolytes. Weightlifters and weightlifters, as well as those of the highest weight category, appreciate such a feature. In that group, testosterone enanthate and cypionate are the main steroids.

When and how to take Deca with Testosterone enanthate?

The dosage of 500, 1000 or 2000 mg daily is not a rarity. Sports disciplines that require a lot of power, resistance and aggressiveness offer a great demand for Testosterone Depot. Water retention also has other advantages. People who have problems with joints, intervertebral disks and shoulder cartridges due to intense training have temporary relief from the use of testosterone enanthate.

 Due to the long and half-life of testosterone enanthate, a stacking with testosterone enanthate can be used every week for the first time for about 10 weeks to get good results. It is believed that stacking oral deca in the first cycle is not necessary as it is not possible to measure the body’s response to the individual steroids used and to know what side effects may be causing.

Side effects of Testosterone enanthate for bodybuilding

For bodybuilders, the water retention that goes in combination with the use of enanthate cuts both ways. Without a doubt, it becomes massive and strong very quickly, but the image reflected after a few weeks shows totally dull, watery and swollen muscles. In addition, the muscles seem to be as if they have been completely inflated with air. By integrating with enanthate on a calorie-limited diet, we actually create the environment that is sufficient to preserve the tissue, thus increasing the metabolic function in general. Additionally, testosterone blocks hormones that waste your muscles and therefore, as they are present during your diet, this is a further benefit. As you can now understand that testosterone enanthate is one whose effects depend on the dose, a higher dose simply means to increase the effects of muscle development. So what are you thinking about? Consult your doctor now and see if enanthate can be useful for your bodybuilding goals or not. Also, make sure you take the right and prescribed the dose of enanthate to enjoy the best bodybuilding results in no time. Make sure you tell your doctor about other drugs or steroids you might be taking before starting the dose of enanthate.